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Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial washing machines and extractors

Professional washer extractors, built for heavy use over long periods of time. Efficient and economical with flexible programming to suit specific needs. High spin machines up to 530 G.

Hydro extractors for additional moisture removal, to reduce the tumble drying time.

Laundry Equipment supplied by IDL Catering Design to the Oil Platform Clipper PH

Barrier washers

Installed into a wall or partition, these washers enable dirty laundry to be loaded in one room, with the clean linen being uploaded in another. This enables to separation of clean, disinfected linen from dirty linen.

Drying equipment

Finishing and drying cabinets.

Fully programmable tumble dryers, ergonomically designed with high productivity and low maintenance costs.

Ironing solutions

Ironing tables and automated ironers.