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Meal distribution systems

Insulated storage trolleys are the perfect way to manage the distribution of hot and cold meals, preserving food quality and temperature for long periods of time.

ScanBox Food Transport Systems

ScanBox insulated food transport systems

IDL are UK based suppliers of ScanBox transportation and storage trolleys, used in institutional kitchens and catering worldwide. We use Scanbox because of the versatility it offers, with boxes designed to be hot, cold or neutral, which can be combined to create multi-temperature units.

  • Insulated hot boxes can be set to run at temperatures from 30°- 90°C.
  • Active cooling boxes use an electric Peltier element or compressor cooling
  • Neutral transport boxes are ideal for cold food and dry goods

High quality, ergonomically designed and hygienic, ScanBox meal distribution Systems are available in standard sizes and IDL can also arrange for them to be custom made to suit your specific needs. They can also be designed to incorporate your logo or artwork.

For more information, download the ScanBox brochure here.