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Combi oven steamers

Choosing the right combination oven

No modern kitchen should be without a Combi Steamer, which can make light work of most tasks such as steaming, baking, roasting and grilling as well as finishing and regeneration. Sizes range from small table top ovens for cafes to 40 G/N ovens with plate trolleys for banqueting facilities.

As specialists in Combi oven steamers, IDL can supply combi ovens to suit every budget and requirement. We can also help you to identify the most appropriate model for your needs based on the power available at your site, the water supply and drainage services.

Expert knowledge

To ensure that we are always up to date with the latest developments in combination oven cooking and make the best recommendation for your needs we make regular visits to our manufacturers’ factories. These can usually be arranged for our customers, as well as cooking demonstrations with the manufacturers.

“IDL offer UNOX, a leading brand of combi ovens that combine advanced features and intuitive design. The CHEFTOP MIND.Maps™ and BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ ovens give complete control of the cooking process with maximum creative freedom. Perfect repeatable results with the reliability and energy efficiency that come as standard in all Unox products.”

UNOX CHEFTOP Display Panel

Regeneration and convection ovens

Regeneration ovens

Regeneration is the most simple and effective method to bring back a dish which has been previously cooked and refrigerated in a short time back up to serving temperature. This gives the food back it’s ‘just cooked’ flavour and texture without drying it and avoids condensation on the plate.

Our regeneration ovens use convection and convection with humidification cycles, with temperature between 120° and 160°C and the option to choose the exact time-temperature-humidity set-up. The Inoxtrend range includes both Regeneration and Regeneration & Holding versions which automatically switches to holding mode (40°-55°C) at the end of the regeneration cycle.

  • Unox Convection / Regeneration Ovens
  • Scanbox

Bakers ovens

IDL supply a full range of BAKERTOP ovens that with MIND.Maps technology, your hand is free to design curves of temperature, humidity and air speed on a visual language display. Today you can truly invent your own baking process and draw it second by second.

Unox Bakertop

Banqueting systems

IDL personnel have previous experience of installing some of the UK’s most prestigious sites with UNOX banqueting systems, including combination ovens, plated trolleys with Scanbox and foster blast chillers.

Before installing a banqueting system the following needs to be considered: Is your system going to be a chilled and plated service with regeneration carried out just before the service of the meal? If so, which manufacturer’s combination oven is the most suitable for your particular operation?

IDL also supply combination and regeneration gas or electric ovens with trolleys with Scanbox systems, to serve from 20 to 2,000 covers, plated or bulk service as well as blast chillers and storage refrigeration to suit your type of operation.

We will carry out an in-depth study of your operation before recommending the best equipment to serve your needs.